SIDFORNI is specialized in the design and the construction of everything that has relevance to the combustion process, to the heat and control of temperature technology in particular, and to the combustion ratio.
We are able to build burners suitable for several uses in the steel industry and with unit thermic starting from 100.000 to 5.000.000 Kcal/h.

Essentially the burners that we construct are:

Conventional, combustor chamber, consistently improved both from the flame control aspect and from the combustion ratio that has reached a high turn-down.
These burners are divided in two categories:

Low NOx emissions
Ultra Low NOx emissions

Radiant. Burners suitable to be installed in a suspension flat scaffold or in the wall, in which complete combustion take place at a very high speed inside a refractory cone.

Auto-regenerative, suitable to be installed on smelting-aluminium-furnace or forge-furnace.

NEW SITE (04/03/2010)

The new Sidforni's web site is online.

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